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Samovar 8 Piece Set Russian Antique Collectible Makers Marks Prize Stamps 1872 For Sale

Samovar 8 Piece Set Russian Antique Collectible Makers Marks Prize Stamps 1872

More pictures of this samovar are part of this listing, please be sure to view all    By clicking here If you are a serious buyer/buyer copy the Photobucket images so you have a permanent record.

Buy with confidence, see my five star response By clicking here

I know nothing about Samovars, antiques or collectables so ask any questions needed to make your purchase decision.  I am available every day, all day long and provide quick responses to messages. Be sure to "mouse in" on all picture to get a magnifying glass look at this. The valve of the spigot moves freely and it might work as intended (Not tested by me).  The six wood handles are complete and well attached.  I am pretty sure (99.99%) this is brass.  I have taken pics of what I believe are very small holes that would leak water if this were to be used as intended(Would be an easy fix).  There is something in the bottom of the tea pot, looks to me like cleaning "stuff" that was left in there, it is semi soft/hard and I think will come out with some work.  I am pointing out the (What I call) Makers Marks in the Photo Bucket pictures of the front, it appears to show PA6PA, 2nd line=OVU56IBY(an Upside down L)Tb, 3rd line 1872 (Upside down L)(backwards C)AA on the right stamp, the left stamp appears to read QAGPKKA, 2nd line CVUI5STBYT1, 3rd line Cb1872(Upside down L) with seven stamps in between for a total of nine stamps on the front of the Urn.  Lid closeups appear to show PATAIIIORA with six stamp circles.  The base of the warmer/boiler appears to show AXXERC, second line shows EATAWED or EARAIII(upsidedown L)D.

I believe this to be a Charcoal burning (Pre-Electric) Samovar, with French or Greek (or Russian) Prize Marks, Prize Stamps, Cartouche, Monogram, or Makers Marks as I call them categorizing this set apart from others as being of Heirloom quality especially with the underserving tray and other piceces.  A Brass Urn Style. Possibly an Imperial Russian, Exquisite, Handmade, Beautifully Ornate Design, a real potential keepsake.  All pieces of wood appear to be the same, are strong and fit tight as they were designed/made over 140 years ago (I assume).  The pressure release valve (well pictured) is loose, it is tightened by a nut which I can not twist with my fingers, I leave tightening up to the buyer as with any and all needed or unneeded cleaning.  I pride myself on my accurate descriptions of all the good and all the bad I see with my eyes and my pictures.

   To make this fun for the both of us: Read all of the following as they are the basis of our contract:

Do not send a note with your PayPal payment telling me to do "something", I do not read the PayPal notes, you pay me - I ship FAST!,  if you want something special send me an message, I will be happy to accommodate reasonable requests. 

 I ship by U.S.P.S., Spee-Dee (if you are in the Mid-West) or FedEx (My choice), I use NEW boxes(a large box costs $4.00 at the office store), NEW bubble wrap, NEW styrofoam and/or NEW kraft packing paper.  Pick up is free,  I pack very carefully.  If two or more items are pictured, this listing is ONLY for one, they are priced each, buy one or all of them, I will ship the best looking one to the first buyer, second best to the second buyer etc. If an Item is supposed to have a 'thingy" that goes along with it and the "thingy" is not pictured or described, it is not included in the sale.   Items selling for more than $100.00 have insurance and may require someone to be present at delivery and sign for it, please be aware.

                 I have a small shop where I sell things for other people, I very accurately describe what I see.  I am not an expert on anything I sell.  These are mostly NOS and/or used items and show shelf wear, nicks, scratches, paint chips,  I believe it will work as fine as a new part, I take plenty of pictures to show the item well, ask if you want a different picture or want to know an exact size,   message me.  I do strive for five stars in all I sell, do contact me before leaving anything else.  Items paid for by 4pm will ship the following business day, I ship Monday through Friday.  Items paid for after 4pm of any day will ship the second following business day.  I ship to the address /Paypal gives to me when I create a label, please make sure they are up to date.


I do take returns, I only sell NOS or used items, I am not a big time retailer that can "eat" returns,  buyer pays shipping both ways, I think this is fair as I take the risk that you might ruin/break my "thing" and return it to me and you assume the risk of shipping both ways. This sale is completed in Johnson County Illinois, All basis of disputes are agreed to be settled in Johnson County Illinois. All items are guaranteed to be not DOA (Dead On Arrival).

On Mar-30-13 at 04:25:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

I am not sure what all the pieces are called but I am calling them "Urn & lid, tea pot & lid, tray, collar that fits top of urn, lid that fits urn chimney and little removable chimney.  Please see the "more pictures" link in the listing (Its the very first line of the listing), in those pictures I have one where I have all the pieces taken apart, its called "All eight pieces..." sale is for all eight pieces, they look to have the same age and patina to me.  Shipping is for all eight pieces.

Samovar 8 Piece Set Russian Antique Collectible Makers Marks Prize Stamps 1872

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Samovar 8 Piece Set Russian Antique Collectible Makers Marks Prize Stamps 1872:

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